Educational mornings program will be held in Sarajevo on 7. 11. 2014. at 12:00. Branko Lustig will talk with students after screening of the movie ‘Boy in striped pyjamas’ and give them an unique opportunity to talk with one of the last 3000 Holocaust survivors.

Today we are witnesses to an increasing rate of violence among the youth, as well as discrimination and social injustice, primarily among children and toward individuals of different ethnicities, religion or race. Having also in mind the recent increasing popularity of far-right ideologies and the absence of an outer-institutional platform for learning about the Holocaust and injustices of Nazi regimes, the organizer of the Festival has introduced this program with an aim to educate as many people as possible on the subject, and speak out about Nazi regimes in a multimedia and multidisciplinary manner, as well as to entice dialogue and cooperation between cultural, educational and state institutions.

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